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Our Translation Network + Your Preferred Language Service Provider

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What We OfferLingotek - Vendor Management

Larger enterprises don’t want to be locked into a single-vendor machine translation solution, but they still need seamless coordination between multiple project managers and literally hundreds of linguists who may be working on several projects simultaneously.  The Translation Network lets you streamline the translation process without changing how your work is outsourced between you and your preferred Language Service Provider (LSP). Lingotek has extensive experience with third-party LSPs.

Lingotek allows multiple vendors to work on the same project at the same time in the Translation Network. You are never locked into using only Lingotek as a vendor. Additionally, our roles and workflows make it possible for each user to remain anonymous, if desired. 

Hassle-Free Onboarding

When you bring on new LSPs or transition your existing providers to the Translation Network, Lingotek provides onboarding that includes:

  • Site audit
  • Dev install/pilot
  • Project kickoff
  • Translation Network configuration
  • Stage install
  • Pseudo Localization/MT
  • Translation Network training
  • Live install
  • Content uploading

 This makes the process of introducing your LSPs to our translation technology hassle free. The entire translation process can be streamlined using Lingotek’s automatic notifications and assignments, customizable workflows, dynamic style guides, and translation memory.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Lingotek's translation workbench is the most powerful and easy-to-use online translation editor available today. LSPs appreciate having all of their resources at their fingertips -- from translation memories and glossaries to machine translation, formatting, and community voting. Many find Lingotek’s interface to be more user friendly than other platforms they have worked with.

Customizable and Versatile Workflows

With easy, customizable workflows, project managers can automate the creation of new translation projects. Use Lingotek’s pre-made workflows or build your own. You can pre-select languages, pre-assign translators, and add commonly-used settings to create your unique workflow. Our simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop selection process makes it easy for you to create and automate projects to your exact specifications. 

Real-Time Collaboration

Lingotek allows multiple vendors to work on the same project at the same time in the Translation Network. It allows lets your international marketing managers who work remotely from company headquarters to translate and collaborate on projects in real time. With your preferred LSPs working in our powerful, cloud-based translation management system, you get continuous, round the clock translation and real-time collaboration. Lingotek also provides real-time chat and segment-specific notes for instant collaboration. This creates a unique ecosystem that allows full-scale, real-time collaboration between teams.

Leveraging TM and MT Options

Convenient access to multiple translation memory vaults and glossaries stored in the cloud can be immediately leveraged by other translators. They don’t need to manually upload and download TM databases or merge disparate TM files after the project is finished. Because we let  you maintain control of all of your assets--including glossaries, terminologies, and translation memory--you can ensure your company’s brand and messaging consistency. You don’t have to be stuck with a single vendor’s machine translation (MT) platform. With Lingotek, you can choose a platform that is best for each particular language and particular project. 

In-Context Review of Translation

Lingotek’s powerful ICR application changes the way companies create and distribute content to a global audience. By immersing translators in a dynamic, visual experience, we’ve brought translation, formatting, and review together in real time, in real view, and in one place.  It is the only ICR tool in the industry to give translators the ability to preview the page as they translate to see the layout  in real time. Translations are automatically merged back into your enterprise application to allow the content to be reviewed in context.

Security & Privacy

Companies can rely on the safety of Lingotek’s comprehensive data security protocol with user management that can include multi-tier permission groups. When creating a new project, the project manager can choose who to share the project with. Role-based authorization ensures that users only see information if they have been granted access by the project administrator. They can even make it possible for each user to remain anonymous, if desired. 


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Why The Translation Network ?

Some reasons why you should choose the Translation Network for your new multilingual project.


Get realtime visibility and actionable data across all of your translation assets

100+ Languages

Full-scale translation services in more than 100 languages


Neighborhood localization by a vast network of 5000+ professional and community linguists

Glossary and Style Guides

Glossary and style guide development to ensure consistency in terminology

Quality Assurance

Automated quality assurance


Continuous collaboration with native speakers

Application Connectors

Industry-leading connectors for in-context translation and review, design, and desktop publishing


Realtime project monitoring and intelligence

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