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Personalization and Localization: How Individualized Experiences Drive Results


Personalized marketing: Even if you haven’t directly noticed its influence, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it. Personalized marketing is taking over the consumer space, but it’s not only consumers that expect personalization these days. Research shows that over 50% of business buyers also want some sort of personalization when they visit vendor sites.

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Internationalization 101: How to Develop International-Ready Websites in Drupal 7 and 8



Speakers: Calvin Scharffs (VP of Marketing at Lingotek), Aimee Degnan (CEO & Sr. Web Architect at Hook42) and Kristen Pol (CTO & Sr. Web Architect at Hook42)

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Lingotek + Mediacurrent + Drupal: International SEO


Speakers: Bryson Duncan - Product Marketing - Lingotek and Jen Slemp - Sr. Digital Strategist - Mediacurrent

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Drupal 8’s Multilingual APIs: Building for the Entire World


Gábor Hojtsy - Drupal Developer, AcquiaChristian López Espínola - Senior Software Developer, LingotekDrupal 8 is a great platform to work with not only because its out-of-the-box multilingual capabilities, but also because you can easily expand while maintaining the translatability of your data. Drupal 8’s multilingual core offers a robust multilingual foundation, making the integration process much more seamless.

The majority of Drupal 8's APIs are designed to support multilingual by default and make sane assumptions about common scenarios. As a result, there are several important things to keep in mind to build the best integration possible.

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Going Global 101: How to Manage Your Websites Worldwide Using Drupal

Going Global 101: How to Manage Your Websites Worldwide Using Drupal

Lingotek, Mirum, and Acquia present a webinar on how to master your global website strategies using Drupal

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The Power To Translate Is Now In MindTouch

MindTouch + Lingotek Webinar

Lingotek and MindTouch Have Teamed Up To Improve Multilingual Capabilities For MindTouch Users

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Princess Cruises use Princess@Sea Drupal Application to Power Multilingual On-Board Surveys

Lingotek and Princess Cruises have teamed up to provide multilingual surveys on board cruise ships for expanded customer services.

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Christian Lopez Espinola - Translate in Drupal 8: A new era in translation has begun

Drupal 8's new and improved multilingual tools open a world of translation capabilities for users of the Lingotek Translation contribution module for Drupal. The majority of Drupal 7's contributed multilingual modules have been replaced with just a few Drupal core modules - making D8 more multilingual out of the box. Lingotek builds on top of that increased functionality to offer users a complete translation and localization experience.

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Lingotek + Polylang + WordPress - The Power to Translate is Now Inside WordPress

The Power to Translate is Now Inside WordPress

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from WordPress using the new Lingotek - Inside WordPress Plugin with Polylang.

Polylang, the most popular multilingual plugin, allows users to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. They can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets, custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts, post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress widgets. The Polylang plugin also allows users sets no limit on the number of languages that can be added to a site. Using the plugin, WordPress language packs are automatically downloaded and updated and a customizable language switcher is provided as either a widget or in menus. The admin interface is also multilingual meaning each user can set the WordPress admin language in their profile. The Polylang plugin admin interface is also available in 38 languages.

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The Power to Translate Is Now Inside Adobe Experience Manager

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) using the new Lingotek - Inside AEM Connector. Developed by Six Dimensions, an Adobe Business Partner and Lingotek Integration Partner, users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for translation, and even offer to translate content themselves, all without leaving their site!

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