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Switching Language Service Providers


By Tyson Shelley | Lingotek Account Director - Language Services

When and How to Make the LSP Switch

Changing providers can be as much fun as a root canal with all the steps involved: RFPs, process audits, ROI research, content discovery, scoping and budgeting, negotiations, legal reviews… and who doesn’t love legal reviews?! But when the writing is on the wall and you have to make a move, Lingotek’s industry expertise can help soothe the pain and get you where you want to be.

When to make the LSP switch

In many cases our customers decide to make a switch to Lingotek when they begin to identify with these statements:

  • My current LSP doesn’t allow for seamless content transfer via integration with my applications.
  • My current LSP provides ETAs, but I never really know exactly how far along my projects are.
  • My current LSP seems to have outdated, manual processes, which cause extra effort on my end.
  • I seem to have too many conversations about translation quality with my current LSP.

At Lingotek we offer a very unique approach to localization. While many talk about fast turnarounds, lower costs, high quality, etc. we’ve developed a holistic, technology-enabled services solution that has saved customers an average of 33% on cost, and increased time-to-market by has much as 75%. This is achieved by integrating our translation management system (TMS) with your enterprise applications. This means that gone are the days of manually compiling content from multiple content authors, platforms and systems to create a localization package that will be sent to the black box at the Language Service Provider. It may be surprising to read that the bulk of the time in a traditional translation cycle is not actually spent on translation! By enabling a continuous flow of content from authoring, to translation and back out to publishing, Lingotek is able to save our customers immense amounts of time.

My current LSP provides ETAs, but I never really know exactly how far along my projects are.

Lingotek’s technology allows you to see project status at any point in the process. This information is readily available, in real-time, in system dashboards, as well in the UI in your own CMS or other content repository. When one of our PMs tell you, “Your project will be delivered by Friday”… you already knew that!

My current LSP seems to have outdated, manual processes, which cause extra effort on my end.

One sign that your localization provider may have outdated processes is if you’re seeing charges for “Localization Engineering” or “file-processing” on your bills. These charges imply that the systems your LSP is using are not compatible with your content, and thus require custom filter creation, or other modifications, before they can be sent for translation. This also represents added time in your turnarounds. At Lingotek, we natively support over 30 files types. Further, by connecting with your CMS, file management is handled natively by the integration. No more “pre- and post-processing” charges. You can rest assured that Lingotek’s processes reflect the latest in IT capabilities. From the perspective of the Language Services (production) team at Lingotek, this allows our operations to produce an average of four times more localized content in a given year.  

I seem to have too many conversations about translation quality with my current LSP.

Translation can be a subjective area, leading to a lot of uncertainty and time-consuming conversations around quality. Some LSPs respond to this challenge by adopting one of the several industry standards for translation quality, in partnership with their clients. This is a good thing; however, it is largely managed in spreadsheets as a satellite process around your main translation workflow. In keeping with Lingotek’s philosophy of integration and streamlined localization processes, our technology now includes Linguistic Quality Evaluation tools inside the translation workbench. By taking advantage of Lingotek’s Quality Services your quality program and activities take place in the same UI where the rest of your translation efforts are centered. No more stop-start methodology around quality evaluation and scoring.

How to make the LSP switch

Once the decision has been made to switch to Lingotek, we are there to help with the process. There are several things to consider, but fortunately, Lingotek has done this before! Depending on the type of content you have, your onboarding will be focused on technology or services, or both. Here is an end-to-end overview for how Lingotek will get you going when you’re taking advantage of our full tech + services solution.

  • Project Kickoff and Planning -  Introductions, review workflows and timelines and deadlines, map environments, define next steps.
  • Translator Selection - Lingotek will make sure to pair the right linguists to your content.
  • Linguistic Asset Creation - Lingotek will help create bilingual glossaries, style guides and translation memories to ensure high quality.
  • Site Audit - Setup environment, evaluate readiness for production, make adjustments.
  • TMS configuration and install - Configure TMS workflows around your expected translation quality levels, configure connector, import linguistic assets.
  • Product Training - Specialized instruction for unlimited participants, role-based and recorded, review user documentation, guided exercises, workbooks and certifications.
  • Content Upload - Push translatable content into Lingotek’s Translation Management System to complete predetermined workflows for translation, review, QA, in-country sign-off, etc.
  • Launch -Your content is live in the target markets!

Each of these steps are geared towards making a smooth transition between your early engagement process and live production. Implementing a tailored, holistic solution will ensure successful project and business outcomes for your organization. In short, Lingotek understands the challenges of switching Language Service Providers and stands ready to bring you into a much better way of doing things, without the pain.

If you’d like to discuss your current state challenges and how Lingotek can help, you can contact us by phone, email, or online. Call us in the US: +1(801)331-7777 or outside the US +44 (0)1628 421525, send an email to sales@lingotek.com or go to our website:  www.lingotek.com.

Tyson Shelley
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