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Novell partnered with Lingotek to methodize their translation processes. Lingotek delivered an apposite solution that allowed Novell to integrate their Drupal content management system with the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform™.

Company Overview

Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL), a leader in Intelligent Workload Management, helps organizations securely deliver and manage computing services across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. Novell helps customers reduce the cost, complexity, and risk associated with their IT systems through solutions for identity and security, systems management, collaboration and Linux-based platforms. With infrastructure software and an ecosystem of partnerships, Novell integrates mixed IT environments, allowing people and technology to work as one. For more information, visit

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Novell translates a large amount of marketing and product information each year. They also have a large online community of volunteer experts that provide technical support and advice to users worldwide. Solutions provided in one language usually apply to community members in a wide variety of languages. Bilingual volunteers could help their sub-community by translating relevant content from another language into their native language. Novell needs a method of exposing content to these volunteers to allow them to translate. They also need a means of tracking the work done by individuals to inform their incentive and rewards programs. There needs to be an approval process in place which allows Novell to include users in the program and that will end in their publishing completed translations. The solution needs to facilitate a large volume of community translations with a low, fixed cost. Novell has a variety of content management systems and translation practices already in place. The ideal solution would integrate with existing processes.


Ryan Smith, Director of eMarketing at Novell, chose the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform - (CTP), which is built on a documented API that allows for modular integration with content management systems. Lingotek Inside™ is a plug-in module that integrates a content management system or website with the full suite of translation technology features on the Lingotek back end. These features include machine translation, translation memory and terminology management in addition to workflow automation and team collaboration features.

Lingotek offers three tiers of rapid, trusted, cost-effective translation.

TIER 1: Machine Translation

Rapid: High

Trusted: Low

Cost-effective: High to Medium


Lingotek currently integrates free, public machine translation engines like Google and Microsoft and offers connections to private machine translation engines if desired. Machine translation offers an instant result at low to no cost at the expense of some accuracy. This is ideal for getting the general meaning of the text when precision is not required or to make a judgment about whether to proceed with a more comprehensive translation. This is also very helpful for stream-style, time-sensitive content like forum comments, tweets or Facebook status updates that are impractical to handle through human translators.

Tier 2: Community Translation

Rapid: Medium to Low

Trusted: Medium to High

Cost-effective: Medium


Like Dorothy's foot into the ruby slippers, community translation is often the perfect fit.  Supported by advanced reuse of translation memory and terminology management as well as workflow automation and collaborative features, the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform enables groups to work together effectively in real time. Innovative workflow options such as self-assignment and concurrent translation go beyond the traditional top-down assignment model. Peer review and voting removes much of the need for project micromanagement. Translators, subject matter experts, project managers and community administrators can access the same content at the same time to transcreate collaboratively so the project manager no longer needs to act as the switchboard keeping all parties connected. Involving motivated community members promotes not only precision in genre-specific terminology but also ensures the concepts are localized appropriately for the target audience. The trust level of user-generated translation is often equal to or higher than professional translation with similar to lower time and expense. Through Lingotek Inside, all of the features of the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform can be integrated into your content management system or website. You can also select a custom subset of features that work best for your situation as desired.

Tier 3: Professional Translation

Rapid: Medium to Low

Trusted: High

Cost-effective: Low

With management and recruitment costs factored in, end-to-end professional translation costs more than the other tiers of trusted, rapid translation. However, the peace of mind that accompanies having an expert localization project manager in charge of the whole process is often worth the expense when the content has to be guaranteed to be accurate. This is especially true in the case of content for

publication or online marketing and product information. Lingotek Professional Translation Services leverage the technology and process automation of the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform to minimize time and cost while maximizing accuracy. All translations for each customer are captured in their own translation memory vault. They also have access to the platform dashboard for real-time status updates and complete visibility on project progress from beginning to end.

Lingotek uses detailed activity logs to track the contributions of each user on the platform. This information is used in reports at the project manager and community administrator level, providing the necessary information to calculate and determine eligibility for incentive and rewards programs.


Novell opted to use Lingotek Inside™ to integrate their Drupal content management system with the advanced translation productivity features of the Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform. Once they selected the supported languages in Drupal, they simply installed the Lingotek Translation module. A modal version of the translation workbench is available in conjunction with the lightbox2 module, but Novell opted for the full version of the workbench launched in a separate window. This meant that once a community manager designated a user as part of the translation team, that user could navigate to a document and initiate the translation process. The project is automatically configured on the backend and the translation workbench launches to allow the user to begin translating immediately. The Lingotek Inside integration automatically checks the completion status of the document and downloads completed targets as soon as they are available. The completed translations are published and available instantly in Drupal.

The Lingotek Collaborative Translation Platform is available on a site software with software license or concurrent user license model. As an online software-as-a-service product, the Lingotek CTP offers on-demand scalability and 24/7 access to data with 99.9% uptime. Lingotek is built on the Amazon cloud.

About Lingotek

Lingotek is the leading provider of Collaborative Translation Technology. By harnessing the power of communities, products and services can now be distributed around the world in each market’s localized language, while simultaneously increasing product loyalty among users. Lingotek’s Collaborative Translation Platform brings machine translation, translation memories, terminology management together with a social network to enable the social production of localized content. More information is available at

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