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Lingotek Translation ROI Calculator

Lingotek Translation ROI Calculator

See how much time and money you can save on translation

There are two major questions that every globalization, localization, or marketing manager ask themselves when it comes to translation:

  • How can I save money on translation services?
  • How can I save time when managing translation projects?

Those who manage translation have a great amount of responsibility. Their ability to create and deliver localized content has a direct affect on their organization’s go-to-market strategy. They are also responsible for large translation budgets and need to keep an eye on translation spending and constantly look for ways to more effectively manage their costs. That’s why they need to know how much time and money they can save on translation. They want to discover:

  • Which language service provider has the best translation rates?
  • Which translation technology solution can continuously deliver localized content faster and more efficiently?

Getting answers to these questions is now easier than ever. Introducing the Lingotek ROI Calculator. In just three easy steps, you can can calculate how much time and money you’ll save when you use Lingotek’s technology-enabled translation services.

Interactive Cost Saving Calculator! Enter your information in the boxes below.


3 Easy Steps to Calculate Your Translation Cost Savings

Step 1: Enter the number of words you’d like to translate.
Step 2: Enter the number of languages you would like to translate into.
Step 3. Then tell us if you have any translation memories (TM).

The Lingotek ROI Calculator will then show you your current cost of translation and how much you could save if you used Lingotek Language Services. The adjusted costs will be subtracted from your current costs to reveal your translation cost savings.

Lingotek -  Inside Connectors offer out-of-the-box integrations with all of the most popular web applications: CRM, CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, social business software, marketing automation suites, desktop files, and even software localization. Because we rebuild content right into your system, we eliminate several steps in the usual translation process, streamlining translation.

How much money can you save by using a connector to translate your website? The ROI calculator will show you in two easy steps!

Interactive Cost Saving Calculator! Enter your information in the boxes below.

2 Easy Steps to See How Much Translation Time You’ll Save

Step 1: Enter the number of web pages you’d like to translate.
Step 2: Enter the number of languages you would like to translate into.

The ROI Calculator will then show you the average number of hours saved and the average cost of those time savings. Lingotek connectors eliminate the manual processes required when authoring, personalizing, and publishing CRM content by making it more automated and integrated.

Translating a website doesn’t have to take a lot of time and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With Lingotek, you can make your website multilingual in minutes! Our integrations can speed your company’s entry into new markets by helping you deliver multilingual content in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Find out how to save more time and money on translation. Contact Lingotek by phone, email, or online. Call us in the US  +1(801)331-7777 or outside the US +44 (0)1628 421525, send an email to or go to our website:

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