Lingotek Multilingual Plugin for WordPress Makes 40+ Top Lists in 2017

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Lingotek Multilingual Plugin for WordPress Makes 40+ Top Lists in 2017

Lingotek_Multilingual_Plugin_for_WordPress _Makes_40+_Top_Lists_in_2017
WordPress bloggers who rank the best multilingual plugins choose Lingotek

WordPress users who want to know how to make their site multilingual look to the experts--WordPress bloggers who routinely write about topics that are useful and helpful to the community. When it comes to ranking the best multilingual plugins for a WordPress, Lingotek always makes the list!

Lingotek and Polylang, the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress, formed a strategic partnership to ensure that the Lingotek - Inside WordPress Plugin has 100% plugin compatibility with Polylang. It was developed to let customers quickly automate translation of content directly inside WordPress using either machine, community, or professional translation. When you look at the rankings for 2017, Lingotek and Polylang are consistently mentioned as the best.

Lingotek List of top WordPress Rankings 2017

12/29/17 Best 10 Free Wordpress Translation Plugins - InkThemes (Lingotek #2)

12/27/17 Make Your WordPress Site Multilingual: 9 Awesome Translation Plugins WP Explorer (Polylang/Lingotek #2)

12/15/17 What’s the Best WordPress Translation Plugin? Code in WP (Polylang & Lingotek #2)

12/14/17 The Seven Best Multilingual/Translation Plugins for WordPress (2017) Winning WP (Lingotek #3)

11/22/17 The best plugins to create a multilingual site on WordPress - Italy (Polylang & Lingotek #2)

11/15/17 9+ Free Alternatives to Popular Premium WordPress Plugins MachoThemes(Polylang for WPML)

11/10/17 Lingotek is the best option for you IT fans blog

11/10/17 Best Resources for WordPress Site Owners Glory Webs

10/19/17 Translations with WordPress

10/13/17 15+ Best WordPress Plugins 2017 Theme Grill by Sunita Rai

9/26/17  WPML, qTranslate X or Polylang – The Three Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugins Compared by Joe Fylan

9/20/2017 In-Depth WordPress Multilingual Setup Guide By Brian Jackson Kinsta

8/5/17 6 Best Ways to Translate Your WordPress Site with these Translation Tools by Sahir Shaikh

8/1/17 How to create a multilingual page in WordPress? (First step, use Lingotek)

7/31/17 The Ultimate Collection of the Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2017 (Lingotek #5)

7/21/17 Most Useful WordPress Plugins Roman Roams

7/14/17 10 Best Language Translation Plugins for WordPress Source WP (Lingotek #2)

7/4/17 Best Translation Plugins For WordPress W3 Exams (Lingotek #4)

7/1/17 Planet CMS WordPress: an overview of the 150 best plugins

6/28/17 3 Best WordPress Translation Plugins Compared for 2017 Addendio (Lingotek/Polylang #1)

6/23/17 The 5 best translation plugins for WordPress Dutch site (Lingotek #5)

6/22/17 The Seven Best Multilingual / Translation Plugins for WordPress Winning WP (2017) Lingotek #4

6/18/17 6 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for a Multilingual Site WP Huge (Lingotek/Polylang #3)

6/18/17 6 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for a Multilingual Site WP Kube (Mentioned in #3 Polylang)

6/15/17 10 best WordPress plugins to translate the web Webit Spanish (Lingotek #1)

6/15/17 Multilingual WordPress Website Translation World to Writers (Lingotek #3)

6/5/17 The Three Most Popular WordPress Plugins Compared Winning WP (Mentioned in Polylang section)

5/25/17 7 Must-have Translation Plugins for WordPress Site Balhara Tech (Mentioned in Polylang section)

5/11/17 Top 5 WordPress Translation Plugins To Build A Multilingual Website WP VKP(Lingotek #2)

5/5/17 15 Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Websites WP Dean

4/16/17 The Definitive Guide: Create a Multilingual WordPress Site WP Colt (Lingotek/Polylang #1)

4/11/17 19 Best WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugins for 2017 WP Mayor

4/5/17 How to Build a Multilingual Site in WordPress - Best Translation Plugins OneExtra Pixel (Lingotek #2)

3/11/17 The Seven Best Multilingual / Translation Plugins for WordPress (2017)  Winning WP (Lingotek #4)

3/6/17 7 Essential WordPress Multilingual Plugins: Expand Your Brand Globally WP Daily Themes (Lingotek #5)

3/6/17 Six Of The Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins for Translating Your Content WP Warfare (Lingotek #3)

3/1/17 Top WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Website in PHP NixCP (Lingotek #1)

2/27/17 15 Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Websites WP Dean (Lingotek #15)

2/8/17 Top 10 Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2017 WP Problems (Lingotek #3)

2/6/17 Best 10 Free WordPress Translation Plugins Ink Themes (Lingotek #2)

2/2/17 WordPress Multilingual Plugins Compared: WPML v Polylang v qTranslate X WP Mayor

2/1/17 Multilingual WordPress Website: Easy TO DO With the Polylang Plugin (YOUTUBE)

1/24/17 WordPress Multilingual Plugins to Level Up Your Global Reach SitePoint

1/7/17 Top 7 Best Plugins For Language Translation in WordPress WP Chandra (Lingotek #2)

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