Lingotek Customer Survey Results: Faster Translation & ROI in a Year (or Less!)

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Lingotek Customer Survey Results: Faster Translation & ROI in a Year (or Less!)

Customers report extreme satisfaction with responsiveness, quality, cloud TMS, and ease of use

At Lingotek, we believe that offering the best translation technology and language services begins with listening to our customers. Your feedback is important to us! We use the customer survey responses to gauge how well our products and services are meeting your expectations.

The information we receive from you helps us become a better company. That’s why we conduct regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The results of our Q2 Customer Survey are in, and we want to share some of our customers’ feedback.

How Satisfied Are Lingotek Customers?

Lingotek Customers report being EXTREMELY SATISFIED with:

  • Ease of Use
  • Cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS)
  • Translation Quality
  • Lingotek’s Responsiveness

90% are SATISFIED with Lingotek Workflows and Pricing

Translation Problems Solved

  • Slow translation turnaround (58%)
  • Lack of visibility (33%)
  • Change management/continuous delivery (25%)
  • Poor translation quality (25%)
  • Inability to engage global customers 25%

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Faster translation (75%)
  • Centralized governance, control (42%)
  • Enhanced departmental efficiency (33%)
  • Streamlined communication (25%)
  • Faster entry to global markets (17%)

Why Do Customers Choose Lingotek?

Extremely Influential Factors

  • Faster Translation
  • In-Context Workbench
  • Cloud TMS
  • Single Vendor Solution (Technology & Services)
  • Real-Time TM and Linguistic Asset Management

Additional Influential Factors

  • Workflows
  • Ease of Use
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Pricing

The ROI of Investing with Lingotek

  • The average Lingotek customer reports a ROI in 9 Months!
  • 50% achieve ROI within 1 year!

Lingotek - the World’s Only Translation Network. Finally, Networked Translation.

Lingotek's Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one  place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications and tech-enabled language services to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets.

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