Lingotek Case Studies: Localization Improves CX & Engagement

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Lingotek Case Studies: Localization Improves CX & Engagement

A recent Gartner survey predicted that customer experience (CX) is going to be the key brand differentiator in 2017. So how do you improve customer experience? The answer is personalization. A recent Marketo survey on The State of Customer Engagement, discovered that 66% of the 2,000 global consumers surveyed expected their brand interactions to be personalized.

Creating personalized experiences for global customers first and foremost means communicating in their native language. That’s why localization is key to improving CX and boosting engagement. This blog is about actual, real-world examples of the benefits of offering personalized, multilingual content.

These case studies show how Lingotek - Inside Connectors for Lithium, Eloqua, and Drupal helped personalize CX and improve engagement with our customer’s websites, forums, and automated marketing responses.


Lithium CS.png

Breaking Down Language Barriers in Discussion Forums

Lithium is social business software that provides a central management portal for managing customers’ social media experience. It has more than 100 million people on its community platform every month! Companies use Lithium to manage customer forums, discussion boards, community knowledge bases, and social media feedback.



The company featured in this case study needed a solution to break down the language barrier for its Lithium community platform users.


The Lingotek + iTalent + Lithium Solution

Lingotek worked together with iTalent to create a multilingual connector with Lithium. The Lingotek - Inside Lithium Connector is built on Lingotek’s open multilingual API and integrates translation into Lithium communities for web, social, and mobile channels.


CX & Engagement Benefits

  • Personalized content so users can select their native language.

  • Quickly triggered translation in discussion forums and knowledge base articles.

  • Improved engagement so users can find product information and participate in discussions in their native language.


Read the Lithium Case Study



PersoININ Eloqua CS.pngnalizing Automated Marketing Responses

This Lingotek customer uses Oracle Eloqua, a cross-channel marketing solution that enables marketers to create automated “drip” or “nurturing” campaigns to deliver customized content to customers and prospects depending on where they are in their buying journey.


Interactive Intelligence offers customer experience and call center technology. It is the leader in cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions.


(Genesys acquired Interactive Intelligence on Dec. 1, 2016.) The company wanted to get the marketing department to work directly with the languages services vendor, and to reduce the number of hours required to manage its translations. The department was spending an inordinate amount of time copying and pasting content into spreadsheets. The process also required several back-and-forth conversations and emails between the vendor and the translator. They needed a solution to streamline and automate the translation process and integrate translation of its marketing automation platform.


The Lingotek + iTalent + Eloqua Solution

Genesys/Interactive Intelligence is using the Lingotek - Inside Eloqua for Oracle Connector, a tool created in collaboration with iTalent Corporation. It makes its content truly interactive by translating automated response emails, contact information, and landing pages. When users register for new subscriptions, they automatically receive personalized communication in their own language.


CX & Engagement Benefits

  • Personalized, automated emails delivered in the user’s native language.

  • Increased engagement with relevant product recommendations, tailored to their region and culture.

  • Multilingual landing pages helped global customers find contact information for people that speak their language.

  • Gave users more control to learn at their own pace.


Read the Interactive Intelligence Eloqua Case Study




ININ Drupal CS.png

Delivering Consistent Brand Experience in Other Languages

Interactive Intelligence  was looking for a solution to streamline and automate the translation process and to integrate translation of its corporate website, which is built in Drupal. Drupal is an open source content management platform that powers millions of websites and applications around the world.



Interactive Intelligence offers customer experience and call center technology. It is the leader in cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions. (Genesys acquired Interactive Intelligence on Dec. 1, 2016.) The company CEO wanted localization and globalization for both--product development and product marketing departments. He wanted to ensure that the company’s international customers would have the same customer experience to that US customers have. They offered not just a product, but an educational process, with lots of website documentation and support materials. Some countries had to use English materials because the company did not have them available in any other languages.


The Lingotek - Inside Drupal Solution

The company used  the Lingotek - Inside Drupal Module  that integrates Drupal with Lingotek’s automated, cloud-based translation management system (TMS) to offer a cloud-based solution that can store, track, and manage multilingual content without ever leaving the Drupal environment.  


CX & Engagement Benefits

  • Increased speed and delivery of multilingual content.

  • Personalized customer experience with 9 language options.

  • Consistent messaging and branding.

  • ROI based on increased customer satisfaction & engagement.


Read the Interactive Intelligence Drupal Case Study

Find out how you can improve CX and boost engagement with personalized, multilingual content

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