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Cloud-Based Translation Management System
Designed to Work Directly With Drupal
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Lingotek Translation Management System

The cloud-based Lingotek Translation Management Systems helps your business access new markets and customers.  Our translation software is located in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), providing you complete transparent access to every aspect of the translation process.

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Cloud-Based Translation Management System Overview

Using our Cloud-Based Translation Management System, content owners can finally remove themselves from the antiquated way of doing things. No need to email or FTP files around. No more slow word-for-word translation. No more turning content over to a virtual black hole and hoping for the best. No more high costs associated with paying by the word.

Lingotek Translation Management System Dashboard

Why use the Lingotek Translation Management System?  Because our cloud-based translation software includes:

Ability to Translate Inside Drupal

Lingotek has solved this problem by making the Lingotek Translation Management System fully integrated and interoperable inside Drupal. 

Cost Effective and Trusted Machine Translation

Automatic machine translation (MT) is one pillar of cost-effective, trusted translation. Material that is of indeterminate value or time sensitive can be quickly and inexpensively translated to provide the general meaning of the text. Lingotek seamlessly integrates with all of the leading MT providers, and can even help train your MT engine to produce more accurate translations that are specific to your industry and fine-tuned for your business.

Translation Memory to Increase Speed and Accuracy

Translation memory (TM) is created from human translations to reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy through reuse of your professional and community translations. Already have TM from your existing LSP or TMS? No problem. Lingotek supports easy upload of your existing TM files. And because Lingotek is in the cloud, your TM is centrally stored and managed, making it immediately accessible upon creation to other projects and translators. No more emailing TM databases back and forth between translators, or merging disparate TM files post-project.

Terminology Management to Maintain Brand Consistency

Ensuring that your translations use the proper terminology in each language helps to maintain brand consistency and feeds into a global marketing strategy.

Infinitely Customizable Project Management

The Lingotek Translation Management System allows for infinitely customizable workflows that meet the needs of the most straightforward and complicated of projects.  The ability to see real-time statistics about the translation projects provides project managers the data to make agile changes to resource allocation.

Ability to Tap Into Our Translation Marketplace of Over 5,000+ Translators

The Lingotek Translation Management System gives our customers the ability to find translation freelancers that provide a variety of services.

Other Benefits

  • No software to deal with - just log in online to access every aspect of the translation process
  • Collaborate with your employees, translators, project managers-anyone involved in the process, no matter where they're located
  • Access powerful project management tools and workflows to ensure accuracy and speed
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