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Bosch Leaves Proxy Problems Behind by Switching to Cloud-Based Translation 


About Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket is the world’s leading supplier of automotive parts and systems to vehicle manufacturers and to the automotive aftermarket.


In 2014, the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket began updating their website that was created with Liferay content management system (CMS). The project was growing in scope because the group was expanding from a US-only site to a North American site. This meant translating the existing content and any new website content into both Spanish and French for their French Canadian users.

Bosch was using a proxy-based translated website that was proving to be inefficient for their newest project. Bosch experienced several problems with their proxy TMS:

  • Frequent downtime and constant redirects from the hosting entity
  • No real-time access to content or translation memory (TM)
  • No direct connection to the Liferay CMS, which made submitting content to translators a slow, manual process
  • The hosted proxy website gave Bosch limited control and flexibility in accessing and modifying their web content.


The Lingotek – Inside Liferay Connector was able to translate existing and new website content for the Bosch North American website and integrate it seamlessly within their Liferay CMS. The connector was developed with XTIVIA developers using the Lingotek Multilingual API. XTIVIA is Liferay’s number one partner in North America and has been named Partner of the Year for each of the last three years. XTIVIA is a key Lingotek partner in North America.


Lingotek’s cloud-based Translation Network integrates with more than 20+ web applications using a suite of connectors. The Lingotek - Inside Liferay Connector seamlessly integrated the Bosch website translations within their Liferay CMS.

  • Cloud-based efficiency
  • Faster translation and accelerated delivery
  • Improved workflows
  • Real-time status updates
  • Better access to glossaries and TM
  • Increased engagement with North American markets

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Bosch quickly realized the benefits of Lingotek’s cloud-based translation over their former proxy-based solution. Proxy translation requires manually exporting and importing data and displays it on a separate, localized web page. With their proxy solution, Bosch did not have direct access to their content and so had difficulty making changes or modifications. That process was both time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Lingotek Translation Network stores all of Bosch’s files and translations in the cloud so they no longer have to deal with slow, burdensome system of email attachments, file transfer, or cutting and pasting information. Bosch was able to reduce project time, get faster translation, and reduce the need for last-minute changes with Lingotek’s cloud-based technology.

Streamlined Workflows

Using Lingotek’s Translation Network and its powerful, customizable workflow engine, Bosch was able to create and leverage multiple, tailored workflows for different content types. New content is now automatically sent for translation. Trigger emails are sent to reviewers notifying them when the translation is complete. They were also able to automate several processes that formerly required hours of cutting and pasting or reformatting. The Lingotek - Inside Liferay Connector automatically exports the translated content in the originating file type, with all of the original images, style, and formatting still intact, saving the web team countless hours.

Real-Time Status Updates

Lingotek’s Translation Network and online workbench helped Bosch automatically track and manage content, giving them real-time updates and a visual snapshot of the progress of their projects. It enabled linguists to work collaboratively on the same document at the same time. Thanks to the cloud-based nature of the Lingotek solution, translators and reviewers are able to see one another’s edits in real-time. Lingotek even provides real-time chat and segment-specific notes for instant collaboration.

Better Access to Content, Glossaries and TM

Unlike their former proxy-based translated site, the Lingotek Translation Network gives Bosch ownership of all of their translated content. All translations are stored within their Liferay CMS so they can be indexed and are searchable. Translators are able to translate and review Bosch’s website content using glossaries and TM stored in the Lingotek Translation Network. Easy access to translation memory vaults, glossaries, and terminology management, puts all of Bosch’s linguistic resources at their fingertips.

With the help of the Lingotek - Inside Liferay Connector paired with the Lingotek cloud-based translation management system, Bosch was able to leave their proxy problems behind. They were able to take advantage of the efficiency of cloud-based translation to update their website to meet the demands of their multilingual North American customers.

Next Steps

Translation is now in progress for both current web content and all new web content added to Bosch’s North American website. In addition, the Bosch graphic design team is using the Lingotek Translation Network for translation of printed material, including packaging.

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