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The Business Case for Localizing Community Engagement

Marketing strategy is undergoing a shift away from the product-focused marketing to improving the customer’s inbound marketing experience. To capitalize on that shift, community forums have become a place where customers can engage with companies that old outbound marketing could not provide. Forums are becoming essential for assisting and shaping the customer’s buying journey.

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Productivity Killers That Wreak Havoc On Your Workflow

Automation, cloud technology, and mobile business solutions are the latest tech tools in the corporate arsenal for streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and holding the line on skyrocketing costs. The proliferation of content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and integrated applications reflect the widespread belief that companies who embrace innovative business tools will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Why Digital Transformation Should Be Your Top Localization Strategy

Still using a flip phone? Of course not. By now, you’ve realized the benefits of having a smartphone--it’s a camera, it’s a computer, and it’s your connection to the digital world. Enterprises large and small all understand the importance of upgrading to the latest technology. It’s critical to stay relevant and remain competitive in the digital age.

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Lingotek - Inside Filesystem Connector

Easy, convenient translation management from your desktop

With the Lingotek - Inside Filesystem Connector, you can quickly add content, request translations, and pull completed translations right from your desktop.

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Why Lingotek Didn’t Host its Multilingual API Session at DrupalCamp Munich

There was a big to do this weekend regarding DrupalCamp Munich. The controversy began when a picture of the contents of the DrupalCamp Munich swag bag contents was circulated on Twitter. Swag bags typically include data sheets, white papers, and some small gifts from sponsors including pens, stickers, screen cleaners, etc.

What was so unique and incendiary about the Munich swag bag was that it was set to include copies of the German Playboy magazine. While in the US, Playboy has pivoted away from nudity, the German versions still features nudity. To make matters worse, the speaker agenda for DrupalCamp Munich was 98% male with only 1 presentation by a woman.

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3 BI Tools Every Enterprise Needs to Stay Competitive

It takes some kind of business superhero to conquer the competition, create global product domination, and earn cheers from investors and stockholders. Who wouldn’t want to tap into some superhuman skills when making strategic business decisions? You might want to get your cape ready, because these three Business Intelligence (BI) tools are going to help you capture big data, provide x-ray vision into your processes, and power up your strategic decision making.

Super tech man 300x172 3 BI Tools Every Enterprise Needs to Stay Competitive

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Machine Translation Explained

Understanding what MT can and cannot do

Machine translation (MT) is a perfectly acceptable translation alternative, but trouble often follows when there is a lack of understanding or unrealistic expectations. It’s time to explain MT--what it is, what it can and cannot do, and most important, when to use it. Managing expectations of MT is critical to customer satisfaction and to the quality assurance we want to offer our clientele.

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3 Reasons to Make Your Drupal, WP Sites Multilingual

Reprinted from an article originally published on the Pantheon Blog

For those of you operating under the huge misconception that English is the lingua franca of the global marketplace, listen up. A Gallup survey of language preferences found that Internet users in 23 EU countries prefer consuming digital content in their own languages. The people surveyed were your ideal demographic—big Internet users. Large majorities were on the Internet every day. “In almost all EU Member least 80% of Internet users said they had used the Internet on a daily basis in the four weeks prior to the survey.” In Italy, 73% were on everyday, Belgium had 80%, and 91% of the survey takers from Slovenia visited the Internet everyday.


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Translation Buyer’s Guide: 10 Must-Ask Questions for Finding the Best Technology

Lingotek eBook Translation Buyers Guide

To find the best fit for your organization, you need to know what to look for.

Because of the inefficiency and expense of traditional translation, it’s no wonder companies are looking for options that are faster and more cost efficient. The good news–there is a better way.

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Why Continuous Delivery of Multilingual Content is Key to Your Global App's Success

Distributing apps, products, and brand messaging around the world requires a continuous delivery pipeline that will not only disseminate that information efficiently, but also translate and localize it as needed. DevOps goals of streamlining processes, improving feedback loops and becoming more efficient in getting products to market must now extend beyond developing and shipping code.

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