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Translation Memory: 3 Things Every Translation Buyer Should Know

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From fuzzy matches to real-time sharing & reuse

Tyson Shelley | March 2017

Understanding Translation Memory (TM) is absolutely key when buying translation services. When buying anything, the three most important things are time, quality, and cost. Translation Memory is a huge linguistic asset in all three areas: TM can make your translation process faster, better, and cheaper.

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Lingotek Helps Marketo Users Translate in 250+ Languages

Lingotek Helps Marketo Users Translate in 250+ Languages

Personalize Customer Experience & Improve Engagement with Lingotek - Inside Marketo Connector

The ultimate in customer experience is speaking your customer’s language. Creating content in their native language personalizes the experience and increases engagement with your message. That’s what automated marketing is all about--delivering highly personalized experiences!

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How to Cure Localization Manager Pain Points

When translation management leads to anger management, it’s time for a cloud-based TMS

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Connector Translation Profiles

When you use Translation Profiles, you create preferred default settings that will save time on project set-up, translation, and publishing. They bundle automated translation settings in a convenient profile that can be used over and over on any type of content.

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January Lingotek | Inside Connectors Update

January has been a great month for our Lingotek | Inside Connectors Integrations team! Check out our new enhancements.

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The Business Case for Localizing Community Engagement

Marketing strategy is undergoing a shift away from the product-focused marketing to improving the customer’s inbound marketing experience. To capitalize on that shift, community forums have become a place where customers can engage with companies that old outbound marketing could not provide. Forums are becoming essential for assisting and shaping the customer’s buying journey.

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Productivity Killers That Wreak Havoc On Your Workflow

Automation, cloud technology, and mobile business solutions are the latest tech tools in the corporate arsenal for streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and holding the line on skyrocketing costs. The proliferation of content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and integrated applications reflect the widespread belief that companies who embrace innovative business tools will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Why Digital Transformation Should Be Your Top Localization Strategy

Still using a flip phone? Of course not. By now, you’ve realized the benefits of having a smartphone--it’s a camera, it’s a computer, and it’s your connection to the digital world. Enterprises large and small all understand the importance of upgrading to the latest technology. It’s critical to stay relevant and remain competitive in the digital age.

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Lingotek - Inside Filesystem Connector

Easy, convenient translation management from your desktop

With the Lingotek - Inside Filesystem Connector, you can quickly add content, request translations, and pull completed translations right from your desktop.

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Why Lingotek Didn’t Host its Multilingual API Session at DrupalCamp Munich

There was a big to do this weekend regarding DrupalCamp Munich. The controversy began when a picture of the contents of the DrupalCamp Munich swag bag contents was circulated on Twitter. Swag bags typically include data sheets, white papers, and some small gifts from sponsors including pens, stickers, screen cleaners, etc.

What was so unique and incendiary about the Munich swag bag was that it was set to include copies of the German Playboy magazine. While in the US, Playboy has pivoted away from nudity, the German versions still features nudity. To make matters worse, the speaker agenda for DrupalCamp Munich was 98% male with only 1 presentation by a woman.

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