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Lingotek: Translating Success in Foreign Markets


Even small businesses can leverage their web content to find growth in international markets.

Learn more about Lingotek in this reprint of a Forbes article by Tom Taulli, originally published on December 7, 2011.

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Switching Language Service Providers


Is it time to switch your Language Services Provider? If you can answer "Yes" to any of these five questions, Lingotek can help smooth the process for changing LSPs.

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Lingotek Multilingual Plugin for WordPress Makes 40+ Top Lists in 2017


WordPress users who want to know how to make their site multilingual look to the experts--WordPress bloggers who routinely write about topics that are useful and helpful to the community. When it comes to ranking the best multilingual plugins for a WordPress, Lingotek always makes the list!

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The End of the World for Translation As We Knew It


The beginning of 2013 marked a new evolution in translation. Companies used to translate content one document at a time. Now the cloud enables bulk translations and easy scalability. Read about our predictions for the end of the world for translation as we knew it.

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5 Signs Your Drupal Site Needs a Cloud TMS


Once you’ve decided to make your Drupal site multilingual, the next step is choosing a TMS. There are many features, functions, and performance elements to consider such as integration, continuity, visibility, and consistency. Find out if a cloud-based TMS is the right tool for you.

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Lingotek’s Holistic Approach to Quality


Lingotek’s translation network offers a unique combination of expert translation and industry-leading technology to consistently deliver high-quality localized content at every step of the translation process. From content upload to translation download and everything in between, Lingotek applies a holistic approach to quality.

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Mastering the Next Layer of the Enterprise Stack


Businesses are asking themselves: “How can the cloud help us collaborate better? How can it keep us secure? How can it add value to our own clients?” Collaboration is the next layer on the cloud stack. 

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An Interview with Joshua Solomon, Product Manager for Integrations, Lingotek

An_Interview_with_Joshua_Solomon_Product Manager_Integrations_Lingotek

Joshua Solomon believes that Lingotek, a cloud-based translation management system, exists for the purpose of capital C: Connection. 

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Why Translation Management is Like Doing Laundry


Managing one-at-a-time translations was a difficult and time-consuming job. To describe the frustration, this Lingotek customer compared the process to doing laundry. The analogy explains the downside of offline translation and the efficiency of our cloud-based platform.

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The Importance of Globalizing the Internet of Things

The Importance of Globalizing the Internet of Things

Like the planet itself, the Internet of Things must accommodate many languages and cultures. Remaining insular isn’t an option. Translation becomes less a matter of convenience and more an urgent necessity. As companies large and small are now realizing, embedded, automated online translation is at the core of the online future. 

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