Lingotek + Mediacurrent + Manhattan Associates - Translate in Drupal 8: A New Era in Translation Has Begun

Thursday, May 21st
10:00am PST / 11:00am MST / 6:00pm GMT / 7:00pm CET

Drupal 8's new and improved multilingual tools open a world of translation capabilities for users of the Lingotek Translation contribution module for Drupal. The majority of Drupal 7's contributed multilingual modules have been replaced with just a few Drupal core modules - making D8 more multilingual out of the box. Lingotek builds on top of that increased functionality to offer users a complete translation and localization experience.

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Past Webinars

The Power to Translate Is Now Inside Adobe Experience Manager

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) using the new Lingotek - Inside AEM Connector. Developed by Six Dimensions, an Adobe Business Partner and Lingotek Integration Partner, users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for translation, and even offer to translate content themselves, all without leaving their site!

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Lingotek + Lingoport Team Up to Automate Software Globalization

Rob Thomas, Senior Project Manager of
Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport
Larry Furr, VP of Product Management of Lingotek

As the use of Agile methodologies has become widespread, traditional software globalization methods have been strained. Relative to larger waterfall releases, Agile creates many ongoing small efforts that don’t mesh well with traditional localization management and processing. The onus shifts from cost per word to  automating development and localization updating processes and eliminating backlogs.

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Lingotek XTIVIA Webinar - Language Translation in the Cloud

Join us as we present the Lingotek integrated solution to cloud language translation in the Liferay environment, as created by XTIVIA.

Join us to learn how Lingotek's cloud-based translation and localization platform, gives you the power to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual software application. The Lingotek - Inside Liferay integration, by XTIVIA, features solutions that ease the manual burden of launching in new markets while improving language consistency, cutting costs, and enabling you to deliver your brand to consumers abroad in the quickest and most effective way possible. Translating web content using this integrated, cloud-based tool isn’t just superior to the old model of translation, it’s the only way to keep up. Here are some of the massive benefits:

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