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Lingotek Releases v. 7.x-6.02 of the Drupal/Lingotek Translation Contrib Module

Lingotek recently released the newest version (7.x-6.02) of the Lingotek Translation contrib module. We couldn't be more thrilled that we are at nearly 26,000 downloads. Download the module today and see why so many people are using it to streamline their translation process!

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Forget Mobile. Experience-Ready is The New Standard for Doing Business

If the Information Age has underlined one thing for businesses, it’s this: You want your bottom line to grow steadily, and not suffer at every whim of the market. Such whims have been frequent in recent years, as mobile, the cloud, social media and data analytics have gained traction. Now another shift is about to happen, and its name is the experience web. 

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How the Experience Web Will Finally Eradicate the Language Barrier

Language is more than just a description of things in the world. It speaks to the culture that creates it. Now that our global culture is becoming increasingly digitized, not least with the addition of the Apple Watch and drone delivery, language is going to take on new meaning. The barriers to comprehension will be lower than ever, but the obstacles to effectively marketing your global business will rise.

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In a Mobile World, Translation Belongs in Your Content DNA

You wouldn’t send one sales guy to conquer an entire country’s market. You wouldn’t have a single person doing all the marketing and advertising for a 40,000-customer company.

Why is it then that translation and localization still stand as isolated to-do items, when they should be integrated into every facet of the content supply chain? Companies tend to think that they only have to translate pieces of a website, or instruction manuals. That’s a relic of the desktop era. In today’s mobile world, trying to translate selectively will only sell your product or service short.

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Insults, Assumptions, Cultural Affronts: Mistakes to Avoid When Going Global

Making mistakes in business is natural. Sometimes those mistakes benefit your overall success. Hire the wrong iPhone developer, and you’ll learn what to look for in the next one. Cancel your work from home policy, and you might get faster collaboration, the way Marissa Mayer wanted.

If you take your product global with the wrong color scheme, image or translations, however, your target audience might be shaken for years. Rumor has it that the Pepsi slogan “Come Alive With Pepsi!” translated to “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Dead” in Taiwan. KFC’s “finger licking good” became “eat your fingers off” in Chinese. In another faux pas, one Beijing Starbucks had to close after setting up shop in Beijing’s sacred and historic Forbidden City — considered a cultural affront.

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All Things Lingotek at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

DrupalCon Amsterdam starts next week, and we can hardly believe it. Amsterdam will be a wonderful opportunity for members of the Drupal community to learn, grow and share lessons with one another and with the many businesses that make our community one of the most dynamic and innovative today. We wanted to take a moment to share with you all of the events where you will be able to engage with Lingotek, The Translation Network.

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Lingotek - Inside Wordpress - Demo

Lingotek offers cloud-based website localization solutions that simplify the process of creating and maintaining your WordPress content management system. Our Lingotek - Inside WordPress module features solutions that ease the manual burden of launching in new markets while improving language consistency, cutting costs, and enabling you to deliver your brand to consumers abroad in the quickest and most effective way possible.

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Learn More About Lingotek | The Translation Network

The Translation Network is for Customers, Partners and Communities

Lingotek | The Translation Network includes our Translation Management System coupled with our Translation Hub, Customers, Partner Network and Development Community.

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Good Workflow is the Foundation of Customer Experience

Reprinted from a CMSwire article.


One of the most powerful ways of succeeding as an online business is to give your customers a seamless, easy to use service, no matter where in the world they’re located. Whether you’re a small distributor or a global megabrand, a solid workflow system will enable millions of people to easily connect to your company. Industry leaders such as Amazon and Netflix are good examples of websites that remain reliable and predictable, regardless of whether they appear in French, German or Finnish.




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