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Why Automation Is Crucial to Your Bottom Line

From number of users to social impact score, everyone today is determining value in different ways. But there is and will always be only one true way to measure success, namely the good old bottom line.

As simple as it may sound, without positive cash flow, all companies go the way of the car phone. Generating revenue isn’t easy in today’s sophisticated business environment, which threatens constant annihilation by global competitors, commoditization or new customer demands.

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Mastering the Next Layer of the Enterprise Stack

Remember when “the cloud” was something exciting and ill-defined? Today, the cloud is almost as normal as traffic jams or email attachments. It’s something that most businesses are using daily. Data storage is free or nearly free. Google, Amazon, Box and Dropbox all have similar enough features that they’re practically interchangeable.

With data storage commoditized, businesses today are asking what else the cloud can do to make them operate more quickly, cost-effectively and successfully.

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Lingotek Opens New European Office

Lingotek opens new European office, based in Maidenhead, Berkshire UK.  This office will support all regional direct and channel sales, marketing and client care activities. Serving as a central hub for employee offices and client meetings, the office will support Lingotek's enterprise translation management system and language services for clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Globalizing the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Thanks to trends like BYOD and cloud computing, devops now works together as a unified organization, rather than throwing code over an invisible wall. It’s a necessary and timely evolution—especially for today’s sophisticated global IT environments. As IT’s role in business expands, and companies continue to ship apps around the world, building a successful continuous delivery pipeline will become more important than ever.

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Focus on Automation Without Being a Technology Einstein

The goal of content creation today is to get the biggest bang for your (written) buck. The more you can amplify, distribute and proliferate your content, the more people you can reach. The more people you reach, the more people engage—and that engagement is what links back to ROI.

The classic way of doing this is by having people create your content, and other people distribute it - something like a human assembly line for words and visuals. But today there are so many channels, outlets, languages and opportunities for the average small business that in order to maximize your content ROI, you should automate as much of the assembly line as possible.

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How Do You Know When You Need A TMS?

At some point in time, every global organization must ask themselves the question: Is it time for us to invest in a Translation Management System? The answer to this question depends largely on what your multilingual content needs are. To help determine if you’d benefit from a TMS, let’s take a look at some of the key features that a TMS provides.

Key Features Of A TMS

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Why Translation is Becoming Invisible

If you’ve ever tried to find a hotel in Paris without knowing French or searched for that famous restaurant in Beijing without Chinese skills, you know that navigating a foreign country can be an adventure -- to put it mildly. Tech companies from Microsoft to Google are helping remove difficulties by building increasingly sophisticated translation capabilities, such as real-time voice translation.

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Content Translation in the Mobile Era: 3 Lessons to Learn the Easy Way

The tech industry is working hard to destroy the virtual Tower of Babel. If you only speak English and Skype a Spanish speaker Microsoft will now translate your conversation in real-time. Google Translate will soon recognize popular languages and text you an instant translation.

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How to Mind Details at Scale

Companies of all sizes face a similar content problem: It’s become normal for content to be scattered between CMSs, email, social media, intranets and other silos. Workers on average spend 19 percent of their time looking for information, when their time could be better spent focusing on the core tasks of their job.

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Lingotek Helps Princess Cruises Manage "Translation at Sea"

In the cruise industry where exotic destinations and customer service define the guest's experience, multilingual content is a key ingredient of that experience. "Princess@Sea fundamentally changes the way our guests access information onboard our ships," said Mario Siebaldi, Vice President, Guest Services & Technology at Princess Cruises (NYSE: CCL). "Princess@Sea provides valuable information directly to our guests' mobile devices. Guests can chat with each other, plan their day's events and activities, review the ship's itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus and even access their stateroom accounts."

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