Lingotek Helps Princess Cruises Manage "Translation at Sea"

Reprinted from a Marketwired article.

In the cruise industry where exotic destinations and customer service define the guest's experience, multilingual content is a key ingredient of that experience. "Princess@Sea fundamentally changes the way our guests access information onboard our ships," said Mario Siebaldi, Vice President, Guest Services & Technology at Princess Cruises (NYSE: CCL). "Princess@Sea provides valuable information directly to our guests' mobile devices. Guests can chat with each other, plan their day's events and activities, review the ship's itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus and even access their stateroom accounts."

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Forget Mobile. Experience-Ready is The New Standard for Doing Business

Reprinted from a TechZone360 article.

If the Information Age has underlined one thing for businesses, it’s this: You want your bottom line to grow steadily, and not suffer at every whim of the market. Such whims have been frequent in recent years, as mobile, the cloud, social media and data analytics have gained traction. Now another shift is about to happen, and its name is the experience web. 

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