Good Workflow is the Foundation of Customer Experience

Reprinted from a CMSwire article.


Good Workflow is the Foundation for Customer ExperienceOne of the most powerful ways of succeeding as an online business is to give your customers a seamless, easy to use service, no matter where in the world they’re located. Whether you’re a small distributor or a global megabrand, a solid workflow system will enable millions of people to easily connect to your company. Industry leaders such as Amazon and Netflix are good examples of websites that remain reliable and predictable, regardless of whether they appear in French, German or Finnish.




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5 Coolest Government Cloud Projects

Reprinted from Wired Blog

The for-profit industry blazed the trail to cloud adoption, but the public sector is quickly catching up. Since implementing its “Cloud First” migration strategy in 2010, the United States government has already moved 50 agency services to the cloud and saved billions of dollars, making it a world leader in government cloud.

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